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Svakog dana, novo otkriće
Beyond Le Fov
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PostPostao/la Beyond Le Fov » 25.08.2014, 11:47

The Kybalion - The Hermetic Philosophy of ancient Egypt and Greece


pdf link


The Seven Hermetic Principles, upon which the entire Hermetic Philosophy is based, are
as follows:



Bhagavad-Gita KAKVA JEST
by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

potpuna i najkvalitetnija verzija bhagavad gite na hrvatskom - link



Elisabeth Haich - Inicijacija

pdf link
It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.
It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.
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Re: ***Online Knjiznica***

PostPostao/la Ninti » 13.01.2015, 20:37

Evo dropbox link sa oko 200tinjak zanimljivih knjiga u pdf-u i epub-u (mogu se konvertirati u pdf) - potpuno free.. Mogu se skidati pojedinačno ili kao jedan zip od 930mb


Evo i popis:

10 Vile Vortices around the world.doc
100 greatest discoveries of all times.pdf
100 Strangest Unexplained Mysteries by Matt Lamy.pdf
Alan Watts - The Book on the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are.pdf
Penetration - Ingo Swann.pdf
Brave New World - A Different Projection - John Harland.pdf
DM Turner - The Essential Psychedelic Guide.pdf
Gateway to Paradise.pdf
Serotonin and the Mechanism of Mysticism.pdf
Donald Keyhoe - Flying Saucers Are Real.pdf
Frank Scully - Behind the Flying Saucers.pdf
John A Keel - Jadoo.epub
Edward J. Ruppelt - The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects.epub
Jacques Vallee - Anatomy of a Phenomenon.pdf
Coral Lorenzen - Flying Saucers, The Startling Evidence.pdf
John Fuller - The Interrupted Journey.pdf
John A Keel - The Mothman Prophecies.epub
Budd Hopkins - Missing Time.pdf
Raymond Fowler - The Andreasson Affair, Phase Two.pdf
Majestic 12 - Photographs of the original MJ12 Folder.pdf
Time-Life (ed) - Mysteries of the Unknown.pdf
Jacques Vallee - Dimensions - Master Karras.epub
John A Keel - Disneyland of the Gods.epub
Whitley Strieber - Transformation.pdf
Philip J. Corso (Col.) - The Day After Roswell.epub
Jacques Vallee - Revelations.epub
Karla Turner - Taken.pdf
Timothy Good (ed) - The UFO Report.pdf
C.D.B. Bryan - Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind.pdf
Jenny Randles & Peter Hough - World's Best True UFO Stories.pdf
Jenny Randles - Alien Contact - The First Fifty Years.pdf
Jenny Randles - The Truth Behind Men In Black.pdf
Nick Pope - The Uninvited - An Exposé of the Alien Abduction Phenomenon.pdf
David Lamb - The Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence.pdf
Don Ledger & Chris Styles - Dark Object.pdf
A New Earth - Eckhart Tolle.pdf
About Grids.doc
Adventures Beyond the Body by William Buchlman (2).pdf
Adventures Beyond the Body by William Buchlman.pdf
Albert Einstein - The World as I See It.pdf
Alchemical Manual for this millenium by Aaity Olson Vol 1.pdf
Alchemical Manual for this millenium by Aaity Olson Vol 2.pdf
Alex Collier - Defending Sacred Ground.pdf
Alford, Alan F. - Gods of the New Millennium.pdf
Alice A. Bailey - Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle.pdf
All Roads Lead To Rome.pdf
Allies of Humanity - book 1 by Marshall Vian Summers.pdf
An Introduction to Yoga.pdf
Ancients Secret of Flower of life Volume 2.pdf
Angels don't play this HAARP - Advances in Tesla Technology - Nick Begich.doc
Angels don't play this HAARP - Advances in Tesla Technology - Nick Begich.pdf
Anti-Gravity and the World Grid - by David H. Childress.pdf
Anti-Gravity and the World Grid - by David H. Childress.doc
Aryan Sun Myths - Charles Morris (1889).pdf
Astral Projections - Astral Dynamics.pdf
Atlantis, Aliens and genetic manipulation by Michael Tsarion.pdf
The Mysteries of the Universe.pdf
Audrey Niffenegger - The Time Traveler's Wife.pdf
Awakening the Third Eye by Samuel Segan.pdf
Barack H. Obama - The Unauthorized Biography by Webster Griffin Tarpley.pdf
Behold a Pale Horse - William Cooper.pdf
Bhagavad Gita.pdf
Blue Apples by William Henry.pdf
Carl Jung - On Life After Death.pdf
Cassiopaeans - Riding the Wave.pdf
Cooper, Adrian - Our Ultimate Reality.pdf
Death And Dying In The Tibetan.txt
DMT, The Spirit Molecule by Rick Strassman.pdf
Earth - A Crystal Planet.doc
Kundalini And The Chakras - A Practical Manual.pdf
Eckhart Tolle - The Power of Now.pdf
Eden Atlantis and the UFO Myth - by Robert Morning Sky.pdf
Ego Attachment and Liberation by Lama Thubten Yeshe.pdf
Egypt the greatest show on earth by William Henry.pdf
Einstein's Physics Of Illusion.pdf
Embracing Ultimate Reality Brandon Campbell.pdf
Extraterrestrial Truth What You Don't Know Whisper in the Galaxy by Lou Baldin.pdf
Genesis 2012.pdf
Grandfather by Tom Brown Jr.pdf
Gregg Braden - Awakening the power of modern God.pdf
Handbook of the Navigator.pdf
Hanh The Miracle of Mindfulness.pdf
Hannah Arendt - Between Past and Future.pdf
Hannah Arendt - The Human Condition.pdf
Hidden Nature - The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger.pdf
Higher Dimensions, Parallel Universes and the Extraordinary .pdf
History of Israel and Palestine.pdf
History of the world grid theory.doc
History of Zoroastrianism - M.N. Dhalla.pdf
Hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet - Jamie Ford.pdf
How to See the Aura.pdf
Illustrated light on Yoga - Iyenger Yoga.pdf
Implosion the secret to Imortality.pdf
India An Aryan Conspiracy Ancient Technology and Secret Brotherhoods.docx
India History Conspiracy and Cover Up.docx
Inside The Spaceships by George Adamski.pdf
Jacobs, David, The Threat.pdf
Jim Marrs - Rule by secrecy.pdf
John Keel - Our Haunted Planet (1971).pdf
Keepers of the Garden - Dolores Cannon.pdf
Khaled Hosseini - A Thousand Splendid Suns.pdf
Knowledge of the higher worlds by Rudolf Steiner.pdf
Kurt Vonnegut - Cat's Cradle.pdf
Lauren Oliver - Delirium.pdf
Ley Lines and their connection to the UFO.doc
Life of Pi 2 - Yann Martel.pdf
Lucid Dreaming and Meditation.pdf
Lucid Dreaming Manual.pdf
M Harner - The Way of the Shaman.pdf
Magic in Ancient Egypt - Geraldine Pinch.pdf
Man and Time - Eranos Year Book - Eliade, Jung, Quispel & Co.pdf
Mantak Chia - 5th Formula - Sealing of the Five Senses.pdf
Mantak Chia - Dark Room Enlightenment.pdf
Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte.pdf
Merkaba - Easy Way To Achieve It.doc
Metaphysics and Grids.doc
Mysteries of the Pyramid - David Lewis.pdf
Never Let Me Go 2 - Kazuo Ishiguro.pdf
New Maps of Hyperspace by Terence McKenna.pdf
Nexus 2012 Book 1 by Astral Walker.pdf
Nexus 2012 by Astral Walker.pdf
Nexus Book 2 by Astral Walker.pdf
Noosphere - Omega Point - Singularity - Ascension.pdf
Occult Ether Physics - Tesla's hidden space propulsion system.pdf
Of Ancient Wars and Spacecraft.pdf
Of Emperors and Sky Gods.pdf
OOBE within few days.pdf
Oracle of the Illuminati - William Henry.pdf
Origins of Atlantis and Lemuria.doc
Orwell, George - 1984.pdf
Our Aryan Heritage - Learn about your Real Spiritual Heritage.doc
Out of Body Experiences - Robert Peterson.pdf
Parallel Worlds.pdf
Pentagon Aliens - by William Lyne.pdf
Popol Vuh.pdf
Ra Material - The Law of ONE by Don Elkins.pdf
Robert Monroe - 1 - Journeys Out of the Body.pdf
Robert Monroe - 2 - Far Journeys.pdf
Robert Monroe - 3 - Ultimate Journey.pdf
Sagan, Carl - The Dragons of Eden.pdf
Scientist from Human Genome Project says our DNA IS OF ALIEN ORIGIN.pdf
Secret Teachings of the Society of Jesus.pdf
Seven Tablets.doc
Soarele Negru - Proiectul Montauk.doc
Sonia Barrett - The Holographic Canvas.pdf
Soul of Distortion Awakening - Jan Wicherink.pdf
The Space between Us - A Novel - Thrity Umrigar.pdf
Spiritual Seeker's Guidebook.pdf
Techniques of Modern Shamanism by Phil Hine.pdf
The Ancients Secret of Flower of Life Volume 1.pdf
The Becker - Hagens Grid.doc
The Chaldean Account of Genesis By George Smith.pdf
The Christ of India.pdf
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime - Mark Haddon.pdf
The Divine Cosmos by David Wilcock.pdf
The Electric Universe.doc
The Emerald Tablets of the Book of Thoth.pdf
The Energy Grid - Bruce L. Cathie.pdf
The Fantastic Inventions of Nicola Tesla - by David Childress.pdf
The Final Secret of Free Energy.doc
The Gabriel Method.pdf
The Giver by Lois Lowri.pdf
The God of Small Things - Arundhati Roy.pdf
The Gods of Eden by William Bramley.pdf
The Host by Stephanie Meyers.pdf
The inventions researches and writings of Nikola Tesla.pdf
The Lost Journals of Nicola Tesla.pdf
The lost journals of Nicolas Tesla - by Tim Swartz.pdf
The Machinery of the Mind - Dion Fortune.pdf
The Omega Principle - The energy which patterns randomn…ard Alan Miller.doc
The Power of Awareness - Neville.pdf
The Real Matrix by Adrian P. Cooper.doc
The Riddle of Consciousness - Gopi Krishna.pdf
The Road To Eleusis - Unveiling the Secret of the Mysteries .pdf
The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross - John Allegro.pdf
The Secret Doctrine - by H.P. Blavatsky.pdf
The Strange Life of Nicola Tesla.pdf
The Terra Papers - by Robert Morning Sky.pdf
The Way to Achieve OBE - really practical.doc
The Electric Gods.pdf
The Great Learnings by Confucius 500 BC.pdf
The Divine Matrix.pdf
THE GOD CODE - Gregg Braden.pdf
The Reality Matrix by Adrian.pdf
Time Rep - by Peter Ward.pdf
Timeline of our Mysterious World.pdf
Refren? Mantra? Ne, tek razlika između ljudi koji žive i onih koji samo borave ovdje.
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Re: ***Online Knjiznica***

PostPostao/la extranoize » 17.01.2015, 19:09

Ninti, čime konvertiraš epub u pdf?
Našao sam samo neke online konvertere koji su dosta nespretni...
Okali se u Materiji, sine Zemlje, okupaj se u njezinim gorućim slojevima, jer ona je izvor i mladost tvojega života.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
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Re: ***Online Knjiznica***

PostPostao/la Ninti » 20.01.2015, 21:05

Nešto mi promiču postovi.. tek sad sam vidjela.
Ima više načina.. evo nekoliko najboljih opcija:

EPUB možeš konvertirati u PDF online, free ovdje: http://convertfiles.com i tu http://zamzar.com

Postoji i program za istu svrhu - zove se Calibre može se skinuti tu http://calibre-ebook.com/

Calibre je odličan softverčić koji ima i plugin za skidanje DRMa-a sa Kindle knjiga.
Upute za to su tu:
i najnoviji plugin:
Refren? Mantra? Ne, tek razlika između ljudi koji žive i onih koji samo borave ovdje.
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Re: ***Online Knjiznica***

PostPostao/la antoniopavaroti » 11.02.2015, 19:09

Red je napisao/la:za sve Vas koji vole knjige i uzivaju u njima, otvorili smo nasu vlastitu Online Knjiznicu.

svi Vi koji zelite pridonjet rastu same Knjiznice, molila bi vas da ovdje uploadate svoje knjige ili stavite linkove na one koje ste nasli onlajn u bilo kojem obliku a da se mogu skinut i podjeliti sa drugima.

da ne budu razbacane po svim silnim temam, svorimo mjesto gdje se sve nalazi na jednom mjestu. ako ste sami objavili neki link u proslosti molila bi vas da link objavite i ovdje, da bude sve na gomili.

Hvala Vam :)


Evo sam baš malo prošvrljao po online knjižnici i začudio se koliko dobrih stvari ima i koliko nam svima neka dobra knjiga može pomoči u shvaćanju postoječeg svjeta a i svega ostalog..Zato koristim ovu priliku da ponovim Red-in poziv da uploadate svi pomalo neku od brojnih knjiga koju vjerujem imamo na našim compovima ..možda već i zaboravljene a sigurno će nekom dobro doči i bit če vam zahvalan..pa ajmo..evo.. čak je i baner za lakše uploavdanje istaknut... :sunn:
" Ako želiš pobjediti ..ne smiješ izgubiti"
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Re: ***Online Knjiznica***

PostPostao/la Shanti » 12.02.2015, 21:59

Evo probro sam par knjiga s kompa koje bi mogle bit zanimljive ili praktične :


Praktična knjižica koja sadrži dosta recepata i naputaka za sirovu hranu, teorijom se bavi ukratko, ostalo su uglavnom uputstva i recepti.


Kratka skripta koja ukratko objašnjava pojavu lisnih uši u voćnjaku i povrtnjaku i kako se boriti protiv njih sa pripravcima na biljnoj bazi.


Knjiga na engleskom jeziku, o legendarnom Viktoru Schaubergeru i njegovim idejama, teorijama i izumima (ako nekog zanima Schauberger posebno nek se javi, imam još dosta materijala...)


Kvalitetna knjiga o yogi, fokusira se na hatha yogu.


Kućna biljna ljekarna, mnogo recepata i primjena biljaka, kvalitetne slike u boji.


Knjiga o bio-dinamičkoj poljoprivredi.


Knjiga o integralnom bogatstvu, onom pravom BOGatstvu :), napisao duhovni učitelj jako visokog ranga, iz loze Ramakrishne, za mene jedan izuzetni duhovni div, Swami Brahmajnanananda (dr. med. Vlado Poznovija), knjiga sadrži mnogo informacija iz raznih polja života, definitvno bih svakom preporučio.


Skripta (20-ak stranica o osnovama botanike).


Usudio bih se reći da je ovo najbolja knjiga koja postoji o ekološkoj poljoprivredi ! Mnoštvo informacija, sa znanstvene, logičke, objašnjive strane, objektivan pristup. Puno uputa i korisnih savjeta, definitvno ova knjiga može biti enciklopedija od početka do kraja pristupu uzgoja bilja i žitarica. Detaljno su opisani svi mehanizmi u pozadini agronomije, i to na način da svatko može shvatiti. Mislim da bi ovu knjigu trebao pročitat svatko tko se bavi ekološkim poljodjelstvom.


Analiza stanja zemljišta na temelju "korova" koji na njoj rastu.


Praktičan vodič za gladovanje, jednu od najosnovnijih i najučunkovitijih metoda očuvanja zdravlja (a i psihičkog zdravlja, recimo, tokom gladovanja ako tijelo nije prezagađeno doživljavamo mentalnu bistrinu, smiraj uma, rad na sebi može biti intenziviran i slično).


Još jedna knjiga o zdravoj prehrani, koja razjašnjava moguće zablude pri istoj.


Knjiga Swami-a Brahmajnananande o mogućim uzrocima i liječenju depresije i negativnih stavova o životu. Njegove skripte osobno obožavam čitati iz razloga što su pisane na zanimljiv način, gdje se informacije konstantno isprepliću, ima mnogo komentara i nema one suhoparnosti koje neki tekstovi znaju imati.


Odlična knjiga u kojoj su kratko opisani temeljni principi samoodrživosti, uzgoju provjerenih kvalitetnih vrsta peradi i stoke, pčela, gujavica.


Knjiga Swami-a B., o vidu, detaljno opisani postupci i trening za poboljšanje vida, vid tj. pogled kao alat za samousavršavanje, nefizički aspekt vida i procesa viđenja.


Još jedna Swamiji-eva knjiga, (njegov je ovaj dorađeni i dopunjeni dio, original jeod Yogeshwar-a Muni-a) više manje naslov govori sam za sebe. Jednostavno mislim da nema osobe na ovom svijetu kojoj ova knjiga ne bi mogla biti korisna. Više je rađena kao upute uz primjenu opisanog rada, a malo manje kao knjiga informativnog karaktera, opisane osnove međuljudskih odnosa i osnove života i življenja.


Izvrsna knjiga o uzimanju sjemena sa biljaka i čuvanju sjemenja, napisal Božica P. Mokoš, predsjednica udruge Rustica (bave se očuvanjem starih sorti sjemenja).


Knjiga sa opisom o osnovama voćarstva usmjerena na tradicionalno kvalitetno voćarstvo :thumbsup:


Općenite upute za zdraviji život.


Kratka knjiga o centralnom stupu duhovnog razvoja - celibatu.


Odlična knjiga o poboljšanju vida prirodnim putem.

media/knjige/Ouspensky - Cetvrti put.pdf

Više manje poznato o čemu se tu radi. Dupli upload #-o

media/knjige/Ouspensky - U potrazi za cudesnim 30.pdf

Također više manje poznato, jako zanimljiva knjiga koja će zadovoljit duhovnog tragača a i tragača za pustolovinama kroz riječi. Dupli upload-sorry tek sam sad skužio, možete sklonit...


Praktična knjiga o kontroli uma, tj. meditaciji. Jako kvalitetno, koncizno pisanje. Odlična promišljanja i upute vezane za duhovne teme.
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Re: ***Online Knjiznica***

PostPostao/la vidra » 13.05.2015, 17:56

Several books added to the library 3:-O
Beyond Le Fov
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Re: ***Online Knjiznica***

PostPostao/la Beyond Le Fov » 25.05.2015, 12:46

htio bi se zahvalit vidri za hint na odličnu knjigu s bazičnim metafizičkim znanjem, kvalitetne informacije.


"Human are multi-dimensional beings composed of many parts and with connections to many dimensions. The human as well as the Universe is far more complex than scientists would have you believe. As phyics is the science of the physical realm and its laws and functions, metaphysics is the science of all realms, their laws and functions."

Teme o:
Alchemy, Spiritual Awakening, Material Forces; Chi/Etheric, Ching/Sexual Energy, Jing, Kundalini, Forces Of Consciousness; Astral Substance, Light (Ka), Spirit, Structures; Chi/Etheric Body, The Hara, Astral Body/Emotional Body, Chitta/Mental Body, The Aura, The Light Body, Chakras; Base Chakra, Sex Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra, The Column, MerKaBa, Multi-Dimensional Beings; Guides, Angels, Extraterrestrials, Animals, Other Phenomena; Entities, Cords, Drug Abuse, Psychosis, Schizophrenia
It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.
It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.
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Re: ***Online Knjiznica***

PostPostao/la PicASSo » 20.08.2015, 20:53

Ima li mozda tko Lords Of The Left Hand Path: A History Of Spiritual Dissent od Stephen E. Flowers
i jos cisto da pitam jel postoji negdje prijevod knjiga od peter j. carrolla. :)
I've only been in love with a beer bottle and a mirror.
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Re: ***Online Knjiznica***

PostPostao/la pikacu » 28.08.2015, 08:47

http://www.4shared.com/office/n-t2V_xLb ... AHOSD.html

Ali, moraš se registrovati da bi je skinuo.

Natrag na “Znanost, kultura, misteriji, tabui, istraživanja, teorije, knjige”


Trenutno korisnika/ca: Nema prijavljenih korisnika/ca. i 2 gosta.