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An art made of material fir and maple grown in Hokkaido. Roll a ball from the top of the xylophone and enjoy the tone.
You can find a vending machine placed at the top the xylophone and purchase a ball cost you 300 JPY for one. Play with the ball as many times you want and bring it back home as a souvenir. Don't forget the ball next time you come back to play with xylophone.
The keyboard is simply placed and set on the pedestal to make the sound better. In case the keyboard comes off or fall down, please return it to the original position in consideration for the next users.
This service takes a rest for xylophone protection on a rainy day.
Sat - ćit - ananda - Vigrahi.
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~ "if there is a true universal mind, must it be sane?"~
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Jigoku de matteru...
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vidio sam puno gorih :D

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